I took the WCVB app icon and expanded it beyond its bounds. The resulting image is strong and eye grabbing. Plus it matches the product people will be searching for in their app store. The rollover action was the on-air spot expanding from the right border.

The rollover action was the on-air spot, dropping down from the top boarder.

One of the best known personalities in Boston TV front and center with a clear message about him. The lower box expands the message, and the rollover was the on-air promo. But the first impression is all we need.

The rollover action was the on-air promo expanding from the top border.

When the Red Sox won the 2013 World Series, I revived a successful idea from the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup victory (see below). Rather than simply rehash the old "Another Banner Year" sharable, I had the idea to set Boston's championship banners on Fenway Park's Green Monster wall, with the final game's scoreline and the end of season division standings in the Monster's scoreboard. Working with designer Ben Tse, we created an easy to update Photoshop file. With the Photoshop file, the WCVB Digital Media team were able to update the scoreboard and get the finished poster online as a PDF... within minutes of the final out.

I invented the most useless hockey helmet in the world. Print, cut out, and tape together this hockey helmet for cats. And by following the instructions, you tape together W-C-V-B to make the headband. If the Bruins won Game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals, WCVB was going to post this sharable on Facebook for "Rally Cats."

Good luck to anyone who tried it! But the success of putting a paper helmet on a cat is secondary to the community fun the project would create.

The Original Banner Year Poster. When the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011, I came up with this poster. The PDF version was posted on WCVB.com as a downloadable, we weren't doing too many Facebook sharables then. The concept started with the poster, but expanded to an on-air spot, as seen in the Sports section. The poster was seen in the crowd of a Wrestlmania and on the wall of a Las Vegas restaurant.