Hi Matt–

Thanks for the compliment on the “Survivor’s Story” promo.¬† You might like to know, I made the promo in about two hours. We knew we had a big exclusive, one of the first bombing survivor interviews, and we wanted to hit the air as soon as possible. Because of the tight turn, I was editing the promo as the interview was taking place in a hospital room across town.

On this page I’ve gathered more tight turns, both News sweeps and Chronicle episodics. For the Chronicle promos I selected some of the news-like topics the show covers.


I was writer, producer, editor and designer on all these spots.


All spots are from the past year. Because you’re only as good as what you’re doing now.



Finish Line First Responders



Team 5: Fusion Center



Terror Insurance



Chronicle: Heart of The One Fund



Chronicle: OCD



Chronicle: Living on the Edge



Chronicle: I Will Walk Again



 Traffic Tie-Ups